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FUTURA designs and manufactures electronic graders that process kiwis with the utmost care so as to avoid any damage that might befall the fruits.
In order to guarantee a perfect processing of these fruits and a more efficient production, FUTURA developed a specific trolley, Pitch 76. It is designed to fit perfectly the shape of the kiwi, to prevent the overloading of more than one fruit on the trolley and to maximize the line filling up to 90-95%.
Kiwis can be sorted through central or lateral discharge according to production capacity and type of packaging. Central discharge releases the apples on a belt by the use of brushes or flaps, while lateral discharge releases them directly on collection tanks.
The kiwi sorting parameters of our Logika graders are weight and diameter (used to discard flat ones), but the machines also have the option of color. These parameters can be used individually or combined so as to obtain a more specific sorting.
Logika graders are modular installations, therefore, both their length and the number of working lines varies according to the customer’s needs. Logika-Central Discharge can have up to 8 working lines set in pairs, while Logika-Lateral Discharge can have 1 or 2 working lines. Fruit exits vary depending on the production capacity.
Our graders have many features, such as processing statistics, individual programs for each working line, an XLM archive for the data of each grading and free software updates. These are only a few of the options offered by our software. The computer interface, accessible through a touch screen, is however simple and user-friendly. Moreover, each  grader can be monitored from afar with the App Futura Smart Grading, which also ensures the immediate remote intervention of our staff whenever the need arises. Each grader is marked with a serial number with which we can trace all the components of each grader and facilitates the individuation of those that need to be replaced even without a direct survey from our staff.
Included Accessories:
Remote diagnostics through modem, processing statistics, setting of products outputs according to fruit number or weight.
Further Accessories:
Labeling machine control, interfacing with traceability system, automatic device for trolley washing and cleaning, auto speed setting based on machine capacity.


Futura s.r.l.

Futura s.r.l.



FUTURA is a growing and dynamic Italian company specialized in the manufacture of electronic grading and sorting lines for fruit and vegetables. It was set up in 2010 and it is headquartered in Cesena, one of the main agricultural and post-harvest centers of Italy.

The vast experience of our staff in the post-harvest technology and the strive towards constant innovation are the roots of the company. The main core of FUTURA’s strategy is the design of tailored, low-priced solutions with all the quality, reliability and attention to the details typical of the products Made in Italy. Our mission is to bring our technology and expertise to those developing countries that need high-quality electronic grading and sorting installations at competitive prices.

FUTURA provides customized electronic graders that cater to a wide variety of production capacities. Our main graders are Logika - Central Discharge for high production capacities, and Logika - Lateral Discharge for lower ones. Logika graders not only meet the needs of diversified production capacities, they also work with any kind of fruit: from the standard ones such as apples and apricots, to the more unusual or new ones such as dates, pomegranates, onions, potatoes, avocados and mangos. Our graders sort fruit according to the parameters of weight, diameter and color: said parameters can be applied individually or combined.

Our customers are the centre of our business. Our relationship with them does not end with the delivery and installation of our graders: FUTURA’s customer care service guarantees prompt, efficient solutions to any specific post-sales need and its efficiency is further assisted by our remote assistance through the App Futura Smart Grading.

While FUTURA's main business lies in the manufacture of custumised electronic grader, we also provide second-hand electronic grading lines (and single machines), which can be purchased as they are or, in alternative, can be adapted to the customer's needs by our staff.



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