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Sorting, grading and packing line for potatoes, carrots and other similar products:
  • Feeding of the line with automatic Bins/Pallet Box dumper or manually on Hoppers, or feeding belts/silo, for smooth and controlled flow of the line
  • Mechanical Roller Pre-Sizer to remove undersized products out of the production line
  • Brush dry cleaning with special brushes hardness and design for perfect and efficient cleaning of potatoes.
  • Stone and soil removal machines, rotating drum type that helps the removal from the potatoes of heavy and wet soil and mud (in special cases) and stone and soil removal machine type, star roller cleaner or spiral roller or smooth roller, with rotating mode of the rollers around their axis, specially designed for the removal of soil, stones etc. from potatoes and other hard vegetables
  • Roller inspection tables and belts for quality sorting of the products
  • Drum Washing Machine designed for uniform and efficient washing and cleaning of potatoes and other similar hard vegetables
  • Polisher for potatoes, specially designed polishing machine, constructed from rotating cylindrical brushes with specific hardness and density for efficient polishing and cleaning of potatoes and other hard vegetables
  • Mechanical Roller Sizer with adjustable diameter grading system, specially designed for sorting potatoes
  • Weighing machine with electronic weighing system (two load cells), digital display for weight programming and weigher functions, with weighing capacity from 5 to 50 kg (depending on model), specially designed soft padded weighing hopper for potatoes, electrical control panel and optionally installation of semi-automatic/manual bags stitching units (depending on model)
  • Automatic packing and weighing of potatoes, with electronic weighing and bagging machines (NEWTEC and C-PACK) for net bags and rashell roll bags of 1 till 3 Kg and 5 till 30 Kg

Halle / Stand


Novatec S.A.

Novatec S.A.



NOVATEC S.A. is a company with more than 20 years of consequence presence in the fruits & vegetables sector. The foundation of our organization is based on the Engineering & Manufacturing of high-quality machinery and systems, in order to improve and extend the business of our clients.

Novatec provides robust, adaptable and effective post-harvest solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables, which will serve the needs of our clients in the best possible way. The technically advanced solutions we develop are engineered and manufactured based on the specific needs of each client.

The success of our company relies not only on the quality, reliability and the consistency of the equipment & machinery we produce but also on the professionalism, knowledge and experience of our staff. Our experienced, cooperative engineering team works diligently around the clock to perfect our high quality systems and can guarantee maximum quality and efficiency.

Our After-Sales Service is structured so that we can secure effectiveness and short response times. A high qualified team of technicians is always available to our customers to offer assistance and guidance, so that your investment is secure.

Our daily objective is to come up with the ideal concept and offer always the most functional, intelligent and efficient solution for each and every project we are involved.

Some of the areas we are involved are the equipment bellow, for Processing Fruits & Vegetables:

Post-Harvest Solutions for Processing, Washing, Grading and Packing Potatoes, Carrots, Onions and other similar bulbs & Vegetables

Indicative Machines:
  • Box / Bins Dumper
  • Receiving Hoppers / Feeding Belts
  • Stone and Soil Remover / Separator
  • Washing Drum for Potatoes & Carrots
  • Dry Brushing Units
  • Sorting & Inspection Roller Table / Belts
  • Carrots & Potatoes Polishing Machine
  • Diameter Roller Sizer
  • Hydro - cooler for Carrots & other similar Products
  • Electronic Weighing & Packaging Machine
  • Big - Bag & Bins Filling Machine
Post-Harvest Equipment for Sorting, Grading and Packing Citrus, Apples, Pears, Peaches, Kiwis, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers and other similar Fruits Indicative Machines.
Indicative Machines:
  • Box / Bins Dumpers
  • Crates Dumpers
  • Water Dumping Systems for Apples
  • Roller Inspection Table
  • Washing & Brushing Unit
  • Waxing Unit
  • Drying Unit
  • Mechanical Roller Sizer for Citrus
  • Electronic Roller & Cup Sizer
Processing and Packing Lines for Table Grapes, Strawberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Tomatoes and similar Products (Selection,
Weighing & Standardization)
Fully Automated Weighing and Packaging Systems for Fruits and Vegetables
Machines and Equipment for Washing, Sorting and Standardization of Vegetables
Processing Equipment for Peeling, Cutting and Packing Fresh Potatoes
Processing Equipment for Fresh Salads

Our clients choose to work with us because of the proven technical integrity of our equipment, which is backed up by the deep understanding of the elementary and advanced engineering applied on each solution and the ongoing consistent service.

For the development of the ideal technical solution for each project that we undertake, we work closely with our customer.
We devote time to understand their needs, their business procedures & structure, the unique characteristics of the fresh products they handle and the physical constrains of their territory.

This intensive interface with our clients allows us to benefit from their experience and helps us to optimize and tailor our solutions to their requirements and also to the demands of the market.

To make this procedure effective we lie on the professionalism and the team work of our long-serving employees, who have developed along with the company, and our greatly motivated senior employees.

Our team is always available to develop a “fresh” project for you.

Halle / Stand

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