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Katerina Katri

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Telefon: +30 26830 42070
Mobil: +30 698 0850402

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A.S.E.A. ARTAS Agricultural Cooperative of Kiwi Exploitation

A.S.E.A. ARTAS Agricultural Cooperative of Kiwi Exploitation



The Agricultural Co-operative of Kiwi Exploitation (ASEA) founded in 1987, and is one of the most dynamic Agricultural Co-operatives in Greece. Our modern packing facilities include high technology cold rooms with capacity of 3.000 tons and the prospect of extension.

The ASEA aims at producing and trading in products, of superior quality ensuring the less use of pesticides and fertilizers at all growth stages, protecting not only the consumer but the environment as well.
Arta is one of the most suitable areas in the world for growing kiwi-plants, due to ideal weather conditions and soil composition, growing high quality products.
We created a customer network of high standards based on confidence and reliability.

3.000 tons of kiwi fruits (Hayward variety )are traded annually by  ASEA. At the same time, ASEA has started growing and trading in Golden Kiwi fruit, by investing in research for new varieties of kiwis.
  • Single layer caton-3kg
  • Carton 10kg-10kg
  • Punnet 10x1-10kg

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