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Harston Mill Harston
CB22 7GG
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Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 1223 873475
Fax: +44 1223 873401

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For 20 years LINKFRESH have been developing and delivering software solutions for the Fresh Produce industry
– It is all we do, we are experts in our field.

The fresh produce sector is facing many challenges; rising costs, price pressures, shortages of labour and ever increasing regulation. The need to create a single unified company with lower costs, better margins, and better information for agile decision making has never been greater. Fresh produce companies must continue to look for ways to increase efficiency, reduce waste and improve margins, and an integrated fresh ERP system is the answer.

The LINKFRESH solution provides critical fresh produce industry functionality, not available in a standard ERP solution, such as Grower Accounting, Traceability, Consignments, Farming and Quality Control.

Fresh experts
LINKFRESH only work in the fresh produce sector. Its all we do, we are experts and we know the sector and the unique challenges you are facing better than anybody else. Our software is designed only for fresh produce and our people are fresh produce nuts……..
LINKFRESH is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform, the world’s leading software supplier. Microsoft are investing hundreds of millions of pounds in “digital agriculture” and Fresh ERP is a major part of this. No other fresh ERP company has this sort of financial backing and can guarantee you a future proof system giving you a competitive edge that will only increase with time.
Many of the worlds leading fresh produce companies are choosing LINKFRESH to help transform their business. These customers are driving our development roadmap, so ensuring LINKFRESH software remains current and competitive, delivering best practice as defined by the leading companies in the sector.



Sarah Neale

Director of Marketing
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