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Classics, Vintage and Urban varieties for everyone's pleasure

Because you must constantly adapt your production according to the agronomic constraints of your plots, the expectations of your customers and the requirements of consumers, choosing the right variety is essential.

In order to guide you in your choice, we have oriented our lettuce range around three main trend :
Classics: Main stream types of lettuce that will always be refrences on the market
Vintage: Lettuces inspired by traditional varieties, with atypical aspects and more intense taste.
Urban: Sweet and crunchy varieties well adapted to morden consumption like snacking, salad bowls, sandwiches...

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Gautier Semences SAS

Gautier Semences SAS



As a familly-owned company that works closely with its customers, our passion for taste and flavour and our sense of traditional values can be seen in our innovative, competitive and attractive product range.

INDEPENDANCE  Freedom helps to make better choices.
Our wish is to remain as a family run business that shares every success with its teams for work well done: this is how we stay close to our customers and consumers.

PERFORMANCE  Our business is to facilitate yours.
Whether you are a producer, a shipper or a distributor, our Company helps you to develop new products to satisfy your requirements in the best possible way. Stronger disease resistances make it possible to develop safe and more efficient production techniques.
Choosing more suitably sized products allows matching transport, distribution and consumption conditions in a better way.
Our extensive selection of varieties satisfies the consumer’s need for better tasting and more diverse products.

TASTE  The Provence love for taste is ours too.
The passion for taste and flavour can be seen in our varieties, a goal that our breeders always target.
This is why our customer always give their preference to the best possible tasting product.

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