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50 mohi Al-Din Abulezz Str., Dokki
Al Jīzah


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +20 2 37497621
Mobil: +20 100 080 1701

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Linah Farm etablished in 1997 by the late Egyptian-Canadian entrepreneur & consultant engineer, El Sayed Khedr, in the Bahareya Oasis.
Linah Farms, it is the biggest Medjool Dates Farm at the middle east located in Egypt at Baharia Oasis with 100000 palm trees.
Baharey’s virgin land was carefully selected for it’s ideal climate for date cultivation, far away from city pollution
This family farm is now a leading agricultural company in Egypt, with a fully integrated business module, completing the agricultural value chain from propagation to cultivation, packing and export.
From harvest to delivery, our process is unmatched within the date industry. Great care istaken during planting, harvesting, sorting, preparation and storage to ensure that only the finest Egyptian Medjool dates are delivered to consumers across the World.



Hazem Albahnasawy

Sales And Marketing Director
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