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Postfach: CS 60112
82001 Montauban


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +33 5 63632770
Fax: +33 5 63630785

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Engineering and manufacturing of turnkey sorting, grading and packing system solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables

MAF RODA AGROBOTIC is specialized in engineering and manufacturing turnkey grading, sorting and packing installations for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Its worldwide presence brings a wise expertise about the various markets, at both the variety of products and their peculiarities levels, ensuring the reliability and the capacity of its solutions. Working with MAF RODA AGROBOTIC also guarantees having nearby worldwide after sales service thanks to the 15 subsidiaries of the Group and the network of 50 agents operating in the largest fruit and vegetable producing countries.

MAF RODA AGROBOTIC offers real custom-made turnkey solutions for fresh fruit and vegetables. Its strengths are based on technology innovation capacity thanks to its R&D Department, with an 100% integrated design and manufacturing process for all the proposed equipment, to meet the needs of simplest requests to the most complete and strong requirements. The MAF RODA AGROBOTIC technological offer for external-internal fruit and vegetables analysis, associated with an advanced industrialization of the process of grading and packing, allows an optimal evaluation of the quality of the final products.

All our grading conveyors, such as HIGHWAY, POMONE, BI-AXONE, CHERRYWAY, BERRYWAY and cup grader are engineered to meet the various markets’ needs and handle various kinds of products with the best performances.

MAF RODA AGROBOTIC develops as well high-end optical sorting systems which can be fitted on all MAF graders. Our external optical control unit allows selection in regards to several characteristics such as color, diameter, length and shape of the products. And for ideal quality sorting, our internal measurement units provide sugar rate (BRIX index) or firmness, and detect internal diseases such as browning and water core.

All our unique and high-performance conveying and high-end optical systems are essential for an up-to-date installation and to ensure you the most proper packing of your fruit and vegetables.


Christophe NIVET

Marketing & Communications Manager
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