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MDA Tarim Ürünleri Nak.Amb.Ith. Ihr.San.ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.


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Halle / Stand


Ofisium 1/4 Yenimahalle GMK Bulv. no. 665-B
33200 Mersin


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +90 5413483909
Fax: +90 324 358 11 52

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MDA Agriculture Company was founded in Mersin city in 2014 by the present owner, Mr. Mustafa ARSLAN.

After a successfully 8 years in the business, Mr. Arslan decided to establish MDA Agriculture Company to give the best services for all of his customers. MDA, our company and registered trademark, continues to be the symbol of assurance for our customers and consumers in terms of quality and health.

We have a very short story for now but in next years we believe to be a very strong, well-known company in Turkey. We work very hard to improve our facilities and capacity to reach new countries to let everyone has a MDA Fruit. After 3 years of MDA, we achieve to export 12.000 tones citrus, 5500 Tones Fresh Fruits and vegetables. Under the name of MDA is a guarentee of quality, healty products and professionalism.      



Mustafa Arslan

Commercial Director
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