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Martin Kahihia Gathumbi

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Glory Gardens Limited Fresh Exporters of Fruits, Flowers,Herbs and Vegetables

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Martin Kahihia Gathumbi

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Fachbesucher von Glory Gardens Limited Fresh Exporters of Fruits, Flowers,Herbs and Vegetables

Nairobi Area

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +254 722 848280
Mobil: +254 722 848280

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Glory Gardens Ltd is a licensed company registered in Kenya, noted among the leading exporters of herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.
With our vast experience, great infrastructure and well-trained professionals, we endear towards making sure that our customers receive quality, quantity and timely delivery of products to their satisfaction.
Our products are 100% organic and meet all required certifications.
All our products are traceable throughout the entire production chain, in order to guarantee safety and to minimize the risk of contamination.

Our Objectives
- Establish and maintain business acumen within and across the market.
- Secure reliable procurement base with improvement to production and yield.
- Facilitate international trade of fresh produce.
- We aspire to ensure that we are always up to date with latest research, innovations and market trends.
- Always strive to comply with highest safety and environmental standards.
- Minimize operational and logistical cost whilst maintaining product quality.

My role as the overall overseer/ director to ensure all activities of Glory Gardens Limited are at par as well as all products that Glory Gardens exports to its esteemed and valuable customers in a timely and professional manner making sure that our vision is attained.

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looking for customers in need of: avocado mango flowers herbs vegetables


All our farms are global Gap,GRASP,organic and Field to Force accredited. The farms are all under high efficiency drip system. In addition, the farms have a production capacity that caters for contract farming to meet agreed quantity and quality products in time. OUR OUT-GROWERS FARM In addition, we also subcontracts small scale farmers to supplement the production from the farms. We organize the out growers into syn-ergetic groups which we then support by regular training's on emerging farming trends, supplying them with inputs on credit and on subsidized prices, technical assistance on safe use of pesticides and environment protection. Our out-growers are closely supervised to ensure that they adhere to the set out standards. All the farms adhere to sound environmental farming practices and are under irrigation, meaning that production can be carried out throughout the year, in response to market demand. Glory Gardens Ltd has the capacity to greatly increase its current volumes and is actively seeking new markets to expand into.