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Mojtaba Moradian

Fachbesucher von

Liana Green Nature Initiative Ltd

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Mojtaba Moradian

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Fachbesucher von Liana Green Nature Initiative Ltd

No 153, Chobar City

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +98 13 4421 9611
Mobil: +98 912 942 4002
Fax: +98 13 4421 9611

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We are grower, packer and exporter of fresh fruits with the latest standard and quality. Our main Products are Kiwi, Orange, Apple, and Grape.

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Dear Wholesalers and distributors who are looking for high quality Iranian fresh fruits and a reliable export company in Iran, we are ready to have a long time cooperation in this field with you !


We offer fresh fruits of Iran, proudly Fresh Kiwi, Orange, Apple and Grape. We control 95% of all processes from plantations to final product. We focus on standard packaging and ready for end-consumer. Our packaging are all food safety certified. Our products are going to many big hypermarkets in Gulf countries (e.g. UAE, Oman and Qatar) and Russia shelves.