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NUOVO-POLYTEX, Plastic Tarpaulins used to cover table grapes, cherry orchards and soft-berry fruits.

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Nuovo-Polytex is a HDPE woven fabric with a waterproof plastic coating on one side. This laminated fabric has reinforced edges that are obtained via a co-extrusion process which applies another 3 layers of woven fabric. The middle of the cover can also be reinforced with the addition of a second layer of woven fabric. It stands out from other products for its mechanical strength which makes it significantly resistant to tearing.

Nuovo-Polytex is an excellent barrier against rain and hail in viticulture, cherry and soft-berry cultivations. The lateral edges are reinforced to ensure a secure fastening to the installation structures and so the cover can be easily installed on low-cost structures made with stakes, steel cables and galvanized wires.


Nuovo-Polytex reduces thermic inversions and conveys improved temperature balance because the cover act as a barrier both against solar radiation (short-wavelength IR) and the radiation emitted from the soil and plants (long-wavelength IR).

Diffused Light:
Nuovo-Polytex covers are woven with HDPE flat-tape filament which means they have a three-layer structure formed by the weft threads, the warp threads and the plastic coating. Light that crosses these layers is diffused in all directions.

Mechanical Strength of Nuovo-Polytex Covers:
Nuovo-Polytex is reinforced with our patented thermo-welding process that allows us to apply additional layers of woven fabric on the edges and in the middle area of the cover.

The 4cm wide edge reinforcements are produced both on the left and right sides and are composed of 3 strips of fabric added to the main cover. Pre-cut holes are applied to these edge reinforcements at 20cm intervals, in order to facilitate the fastening of the cover to the structure. These reinforcements, strengthened with our new patented technology, are around 45% more resistant in mechanical traction compared to the woven selvedges with metal grommets (which we are only available on our traditional Polytex covers).

The 30cm wide central reinforcement is produced by the application of a second strip of fabric onto the main cover.

It is available in 2 different types:
  • Nuovo-Polytex-150, weight: 150 gr/sqm (± 3%)
  • Nuovo-Polytex-180, weight: 180 gr/sqm (± 3%)

  • reduces thermic inversions as it protects from sudden changes in temperature leading to a more balanced climate
  • acts as a wind barrier, thus decreasing wind damage to fruit
  • protects against humidity, thus reducing the risk of cherry 'cracking'
  • a balance between intensity and quality of light under the cover with a consequent reduction of shadowed areas
  • a regular growth of the vines with clusters elongated in shape and berries uniform in size
  • a more uniform skin colour of the grape bunches, cherries and berry fruits
  • a sharp reduction in sunburning of the leaves that come into contact with the plastic cover as a result of not very high temperatures

Nuovo-Polytex is used to delay and postpone the harvest of almost all varieties of table grapes. It is also used to anticipate and advance the ripening of red grapes, black grapes and Sugraone varieties. Conditions under the cover can also facilitate a gradual ripening of cherries, which means that the harvest period is extended over time, thus allowing for a prolonged market presence.

It also lends itself as suitable protection for the entire growth and productive cycle.

1,20 / 1,30 / 1,40 / 1,50 / 1,60 / 1,80 / 2.00 / 2.10 / 2.20 / 2.30 / 2.40 / 2.50 / 2.60 / 2.70 / 2.80 / 2.90 / 3.00 / 3.10 / 3, 20 mt

Supplied in cut-to-length rolls.




Retilplast S.r.l.

Retilplast S.r.l.



Retilplast Srl, located in Southern Italy, has offered reinforced films and nets for agricultural application since 1975. We manufacture, transform and market a full range of products that help growers protect and improve the quality and quantity of their produce.

Our products find application in Viticulture, Fruticulture, Horticulture and include:

a new series of reinforced films and woven tarpaulins for covering and protecting table grapes, cherries and small wild fruits anti-hail nets windbreak nets sunshade nets and anti-insect nets in widths up to 40 metres wide anti-weed mats pollination nets.
The testing and development of new products and processing methods is vital in order to meet, and often anticipate, market requirements. Retilplast positions itself as a bridge between market needs and the world of raw materials and machinery.

We use the most advanced technologies during the processes of extrusion, weaving and lamination. The careful selection of raw materials meets the high level of quality we have achieved with our products and justifies our company's presence in the most demanding international markets.

Our applied research requires dedicated machines that are versatile and easily configurable. Retilplast and its corporate staff are committed to the continuous research, development, manufacturing and marketing of products that stand out for their very high standards of quality, mechanical strength and durability.

Retilplast uses patented technology to reinforce plastic films and woven tarpaulins that are used on tent-structures as protective covers for table grapes, cherries and soft berry fruits.

This innovation allows us to offer plastic covers with optical and physical properties that previously were difficult to use on tent-structures because of their poor mechanical strength. Customers can now choose the cover that best suits their needs from a wide range of plastic sheets which have varying levels of transmittance, thermicity, diffused light, combined light (diffused and direct) and mechanical strength.


Mechanical strength:
Our patented lateral reinforcement is much more resistant to tearing and tensile forces than the traditional methods used so far in this sector. The edges are reinforced by the application of woven fabric in order to create a selvedge on which we then apply tie-down holes. The pre-made holes facilitate the insertion of hooks and PVC tie-strings that are commonly used to install plastic table-grape and cherry covers.

These pre-cut machine-made holes applied to our new reinforced selvedges are about 45% stronger than metal grommets.

Cost-Efficient Solutions:
The application of holes instead of metal grommets is an innovative technology that creates benefits while minimizing costs. The reinforced edges are perforated at regular and constant intervals which allow for precise correspondence of the holes between two aligned sheets. This results in the use of a single tie-string, of fixed length, to fasten and join two sheets, with the added advantage of keeping consistent the mechanical stress to which the tie-down holes are subjected.

The elimination of metal eyelets also facilitates the process of recycling the covers that have ended their life cycle.



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