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Also known as Afourer, it started out of a Tangor Murcott seed obtained at the INRA in Morocco. It is a very productive variety, with a vigorous tree. Its ripening time is around mid January and can remain on the tree in good shape until April.

This variety goes quickly into production (75 Kg./tree in 4th year) and becomes very productive (150 Kg./ tree in full production).
It has a very particular fruitfulness, with a high number of lonely flowers that settle easily and build up bunch shapes.

It is not self-compatible; it does not produce seeds unless there is crossed pollination.

Given its vertical position tendency, it is necessary to prune tactically and remove any vertical sprouts in favour of the ones that are more horizontally located.

Excellent reddish-orange colour, shiny; significant juice amount and easy peel-off feature. The Soluble Solids/Acidity relationship is pleasant.




Compania de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E.

Compania de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas A.I.E.



CVVP A.I.E. is a non-profit group with economic interest, wich aim is to provide the development and improve the results of the activity that their members do.

They also provide to their partners auxiliary services that help in the management, promotion, defence, licence and development of protected vegetable varieties.

Furthermore, they offer administration services, management and computing control, human resources, complementary and auxiliary marketing, communication and legal services.

Nowadays, their partners are representend by four entities:
  • Club de Variedades Vegetales Protegidas: association for the Nadorcott management.
  • Navel m7: association for the m7 management.
  • ANBGCM Material Vegetal S.L.: commercial that manages the Leanri variety.
  • New Lemon Company S.L: society which manages the lemon variety Summer Prim.
Their know-how is build from the experience, the knowledge, the tools and team that they have and which works for the growers, providers and all the fruit and vegetables sector.



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