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Gerakari Agia Larissa Greece
40003 Larissa


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 2410671457

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 Artion is based in Larissa ,at the heart of Central Greece. We are a food trading and packaging company and our main product is Greek chestnut known for its quality and pricosity. Artion initiates the chestnut collection in the middle of September .Chestnuts are processed and distributed not only to different parts of Greece but also all over the word.

 The primary objective of the company is the safety and health of consumers and workers. In order to make sure that all procedures are in accordance with the norms set by the most recent food-safety instructions, the company is certified with  ISO9001,  ISO22000,  BRC,  IFS,Global G.A.P. Artion SA has its owned high-end facilities. More specifically, the headquarters (1400sq.m) are held. in a 17000sq.m plot.  The facilities are equipped with three high-end cooling chambers, top notch chestnut sorting machine, technologically advanced nut-processing machines, precision scale and packaging machine. Making perfect use of the latest technology.

Artion is the top exporter of Greek chestnuts and assures the precise management of every order, aiming to a final result that can fully satisfy every demand.



George Nasiakopoulos

General manager, board member, director, president, head of agency or similar of Artion Products
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