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PO BOX 830190 Zahran,
Ghor Kabid, Jordan Valley

Amman 11183


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +962 6 593 0861
Fax: +962 6 593 0488
Mobil: +962 7 7992 4307

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Arar Farms was established in March 1990 on 200 Donums (20 Hectars) in the Middle of Jordan Valley at 300m below sea level. With the existing 300 Donums the farm is model in the production of quality dates with high standard of packaging for export. The farms are able to be exported to countries in the Middle East such as Gulf States, Turkey and Lebanon and it is targeting expansion in Europe and south Asia.
The farm has EUROGAP certification. The farm is proud that its establisher (Dr. Abdullah Arar) was awarded by King Abdullah II, with first degree medal in 2013 as pioneer in the palm plantation in Jordan. Also was awarded from Khalifa International Date Palm Award in 2011 as best model farm award.
Arar Farms have contains 3500 palms produce annually 150 tons of Medjool and 150 tons of Berhi dates as of 2018 harvest record.
The farm has processing and storing facility to meet its quality standards:
  • fumigation room of 46 m3
  • Processing line for automatically clean and sort dates according to weight,
  • Handling workshop for packing product under high hygiene standards.
  • 100 m3 cold storage (-4C) and 500m3 freezing rooms (-25C) for storing up to 170 tons of Majdool dates.
The packaging range of the farm is wide to meet the variety of market demand requests:
  1. Majdool is being packaged in coated cartoons (sizes: 1/8, ¼, ½, 1 &5 Kg)
  2. Berhi packed in waxed cartoons (5 Kg)