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164 Lord Street
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Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +44 1775667100
Fax: +44 1704 542483

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Through continuous growth and development, the Nationwide Group has been able to record an increase in turnover from £2.5m in 1988 to £120m currently.

Along the way the Group has won many accolades including the Independent newspaper award three years running as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, the Sunday Times export award two years running, FPC Wholesale Supplier of the Year 2014, FPC Food-Service Supplier of the Year award 2015 and FPJ Charitable Initiative Award 2016.

To give you a flavour for what we do, here are a few statistics from our 2017-18 financial year. Two-thirds of the produce we bought in 2017-18 was from 72 countries outside the UK ranging from Canada to Costa Rica. The UK is still our biggest market in terms of sales accounting for around 80% of turnover. We sold produce to 26 countries outside the UK in 2017-18. We bought produce from a total of 779 suppliers. For the first time in our history we broke the thousand barrier – we sold produce to 1006 customers. We sold 193 different types of produce and other food ingredients. As a major supplier to the food-service sector we now find ourselves trading in products other than fresh produce i.e. Egg Noodles, Coconut Oil, Soy Sauce and Rice to name but a few. There can be hundreds of lines associated with just one type of produce such as potatoes – this gives you an idea of the complexity of our business. Our commendable accounts team based at Head Office in Southport process around 7,000 transactions per week. To cope with this we have a bespoke ERP system which not only manages back office functions but is also a vital trading tool that gives us a competitive advantage. We outsourced the programming of this system when we embarked on the project back in 2002. We have now bought this function in-house and have a strong team of IT staff involved in the crucial upkeep and maintenance of our network throughout Europe and further development of our ERP system.

Today Nationwide is one of the largest and most diverse produce companies in the UK with interests in all sectors of the fresh produce industry. The company continues to expand its operations and is constantly looking for new opportunities and further growth.

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Steve Armstrong

Geschäftsführer, Vorstandsmitglied, Direktor, Präsident, Behördenleiter o.ä.
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