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Pipeline Road Kiserian

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We are a grower and exporter of Kenyan fruits and vegetables. We have 1500 acres of land - all owned by the company and we only sell what we grow - so control and traceability is a key aspect. Our main products are:

Fine Beans
Snow Peas and Sugar Snaps
Passion Fruit
Tenderstem Broccoli (BIMI)
Asian Vegetables

We are one of the largest chilli growers in Kenya with all grown indoors to comply with Euoropean import regulations.

Biz Chances

We are a developing and relatively young company so finding a company that is looking to develop supply from Kenya would be fantastic. We supply various retailers across Europe and the Far East so our standards are set high. We currently pack and label at source and have the flexibility to offer various pack sizes you might need.

There are likely to be some exciting new products added to the range - Herbs, Avocadoes, Manoges, Soft Fruits etc

We have the ability to source and pack Avocadoes & Mangoes for the coming season.

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