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Nipul Dodhia


JKIA Cargo Village Area, Specialized Freight Road 3rd Ave
Nairobi Area

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +254 724 264803
Mobil: +254 724 264803

Halle / Stand

Besuchstage auf der Messe

Februar 2020
Mo Di Mi Do Fr Sa So


East African Growers Fresh Produce Ltd

East African Growers Fresh Produce Ltd



East African Growers Fresh Produce Ltd is a horticultural exporting company in Kenya specialized in the the growing of vegetables such as French beans, Mangetout peas, Sugar snaps, Tenderstem Broccoli, Runner beans, garden peas, courgettes, onions, Baby corn and many more.
We grow these vegetables throughout the year and this is made possible with the Equitorial climate taking advantage of the wide range of climates including temperate to tropical. The crops are grown in the rich volcanic soils giving the crop an excellent taste as it hits the tables.
The produce is packed in a state of the art pack-house and shipped by air in the shortest time to the consumer fresh and wholesome. Our facilities are certified by various standards that ensure the products are of quality and safe to the consumer. These include Global GAP for the farms, BRC for the Pack house and an ethical certification by SMETA.

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