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Nut of the Black Sea Coast Agricultural Service Cooperative


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8, Lastovetskoho Street


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +380 503910778

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Agricultural service cooperative Nut of the Black Sea Coast is a vertically integrated enterprise. We process walnuts, roship and hazelnuts from the commodity to the semi-finished or finished product. Dried and frozen peeled walnuts can have salty or sweet taste and packed to any package. For example, this product can be supplied to the beer restaurants and as a snack to the consumers. Our partners also use our semi-finished products to create their own finished products such as glazed walnut or use it for other confectionery needs. Employees of the Cooperative have experience in organizing the export of walnuts to the countries of Europe and the Middle East.

Nut of the Black Sea Coast is a young, dynamically developing cooperative that unites the interests of its participants-landowners. The main activity of the Cooperative is the cultivation of nut cultures (walnut and hazelnut) and roship. The Cooperative cultivates walnut, hazelnut and rosehip seedlings, sells seedlings to its customers, develops an effective model of an orchard lay-out for cooperative members, purchases materials for the orchard (irrigation system, mulch materials, plant protection agents, fertilizers, etc.), carries out planting of seedlings on the sites of investors and Cooperative members, connects the irrigation system of plants, and maintains the orchard.

The main orchards and production facilities are located in the floodplain of the Dniester River, which is the main source of drinking water in Odessa and water for irrigation, in an area where there are no enterprises that pollute the environment. The distance of 50 km to the Odessa Sea Port enables timely delivery of products by sea, and 30 km to international highways gives logistical advantages for the delivery by automobile transport. Starting from 2012, the Cooperative constantly increases the plantations of walnut, hazelnut and rosehip. As of 01.01.2018, the Land Bank of the Cooperative is about 250 hectares. The Cooperative has the agrotechnology, financial planning and budgeting departments, the legal subdivision and the accounting department.



Nick Afanasiev

Business Development Manager
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