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Viale Padre Mario Pagano, 15
75012 Bernalda- Metaponto


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Telefon: +39 0835 404972

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The OP Agorà is created by farmers producing vegetables, fruit and citrus, with historical experience, operating in the Ionic coast of Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria. Located in the heart of the Magna Grecia, the Agorà is among the eight organizations of producers in the region of Basilicata and works at national and EU level.

The OP Agorà plays an important role in the fresh fruit and vegetables chain, as it offers a high-value added production and services of various kinds to their members. Thanks to the operational program, Agorà conducts aimed at improving product quality. The goal is to bring on the consumer’s table healthy, safe and quality products, which express the best of the sustainable agriculture and permit a healthy lifestyle, inspired by the Mediterranean diet.

Most member producers adhere to strict quality control systems such as marketing standards GLOBAL GAP and all the marketing centers observe quality criteria of HACCP systems.
The OP Agorà pays great attention to product quality, in fact, carry out the controls of pesticide residues in the products before the controls of national competent authorities.

It is careful to the continuous and fast development of the markets and therefore looking for new varieties and new products.
One of the strengths of the Op Agorà is the compliance with environmental and food safety respected beyond legal requirements. The producer members of the Agorà, in fact, use rational production techniques, integrated pest management, soil conservation, traceability, water-saving, safe and rational use of plant protection products.
The Op Agorà expresses the importance of cooperation seen as intrinsic, unconditional and permanent attachment to the rural world and as democratic and united participation of producer members.
Our goals
The organization of fruit and vegetable producers Agora, as such, must be understood as an effective tool, aimed at improving the competitiveness of agricultural production, organizing supply and rebalancing of relations between member-producers and customers in the agrifood chain.
In light of this, the objectives of the Agora, implemented due to operational programs, are:
– Concentrating the offer, to strengthen the position of fruit and vegetable producers in the agri-food chain
– Schedule production, adapt supply to demand, both qualitatively and quantitatively;
– To prevent and manage crises;
– Improving the competitiveness of the production and marketing on the internal and external market, both through the reduction of production costs through market orientation;
– Increase the value of commodities through processing and marketing;
– Pay more attention to fruits and vegetables in the diet;
– Encourage environmentally friendly production methods and landscape.
All these objectives aim to ensure a fair standard of living for producers associated, in particular by the rise of their individual income to ensure the sustainability of their business, which will affect:
– The preservation and protection of the environment and landscapes;
– The stability, quality and safety of food products to protect the consumer.