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O.P. Armonia Soc. Agricola Consortile SRL


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via delle industrie 25
84091 Battipaglia (SA)


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Telefon: +39 0828 318728

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 Armonia, formed in 2009. is one of the most important Association of Producers’ Organizations of Southern Italy, with about 150 members and more than 2,000 hectares of cultivated areas from Campania, Calabria, Apulia, Basilicata and Marche. The AOP Armonia has decided to support an enhancement project (DolceFrutta) of some excellent products. Among these, strawberry, kiwifruit and clementines are very important. The kiwi is presented also under the DolceKiwi brand (‘dolce’ means ‘sweet’). The kiwifruit from the province of Salerno is renowned for its high quality and presents a brix level much higher than the national average. The strawberry, mainly Sabrina variety, is presented also the brand DolceFragola. With clementines Aop Armonia is launching a Club to manage some new italian varieties of clementines.  Aop Armonia is also distributing a new line of products called Italian Fresh Salad for salads and baby leaves productions. During this edition of Fruit Logistic Aop Armonia will launch its new line of Fresh Aromatic Herbs. Around 6000 tons of salads and baby leaves are sold to Frush Cut Industries.

Main products: stone fruits (8.000 tons), citrus (8.000 tons), kiwi (2.500 tons), strawberry (1.600 tons), salads (9.000 tons) baby leaves (3.500 tons), kohlrabi (only organic, 3 milions of pieces), plums, miniwatermelon, apricots, peppers, cauliflower, kaki

Other products: table grape, cherry, artichoke, potato
  • Direct production (2015): 90%
  • Organic (2015): 10%
  • Industry (2015): 15% (mainly salads and baby leaves for Fresh Cut Industries)
  • Export (2015): 30%
  • Main brands: Italian Fresh Salad, Fresh Aromatic Herbs, Armonia Aop, DolceKiwi, DolceFragola, DolceClementina, DolceNettarina, DolceUva, DolceCiliegia, DolceSaturnia, Seleverdebio, ArmoniaBio
  • Main foreign countries served: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria
  • Certifications: Iso 9001, Brc, Ifs Broker, GlobalGA, Naturland