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The Organic collection trays contain washed and unwashed products from organic farming. Single varieties and mixed salads that serve at the consumer’s table all the goodness of fresh produce cultivated by fully respecting the environment.
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L'Insalata Dell'Orto SRL

L'Insalata Dell'Orto SRL



L’Insalata dell’Orto is the outcome of a passion plus an idea.
The passion is about land, and it has backed vegetable farming in our family for generations.
The idea came up in 1990, when we decided to expand our production to include greenhouse farming and start off fourth range product processing, transformation and packaging.

This first step naturally led to the creation of L’insalata dell’Orto Srl, established in 2000. Such company deserved an impeccable start up, which means it has been complying with regulations and laws since its very establishment. We also greatly care for its corporate image, both on the inside - interior decor and workspace arrangement – and on the outside - brand awareness, advertising and promotional material updating, plus matching, recognisable, transport vehicles. In addition, the bond with the area of origin has allowed us to gradually build up our clientele, starting from Veneto and covering the whole of Italy, as well as foreign countries, and to make our products suitable for large wholesalers, mass distribution, collective catering and catering.

L’Insalata dell’Orto now boasts outstanding quality achievements: 9001:2008 certification, IFS and BRC certification plus, in 2007, certification for first and fourth range packaging for ORGANIC FARMING PRODUCTS, in 2015 certification ISO 22005:2008 for traceability in food chain.

In addition, even though the farming approach has changed throughout the years - granting technological innovation a fair role - care and devotion are still on our agenda and make the key to our success - season after season.

The final quality level in pre-packed products is backed by carefully selected and harvested raw materials, plus the extra fast “harvested and served” 24-hour process.  
This is what we call “quality pace”, the winning combination for producing top-quality, fresh horticultural products in the least time possible.

Our attention during the processing of products and our focus on customer needs are the true centre of our work, each and every day. Starting from these solid foundations, we try to interpret consumption needs based on different locations and lifestyles: this is how we give birth to new product lines, new formats and new ideas.

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