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Onion processing

Finis have an impressive portfolio of food processing equipment. We are able to take care of your onion processing requirements from raw material through to packed fresh peeled onions, whether whole or cut product into dices, slices or accurately cut onion rings.

The majority of onion processors produce a variety of onion products:
  • Whole peeled onions,
  • Random sliced onions,
  • Diced onions,
  • Regular onion rings,

Shallots processing

The processing of shallots is not easy. Finis has developed a shallots peeling line based on her knowledge of peeling onions, potatoes, garlic etc. The peeling process is divided in several steps. First the shallots are topped and tailed on a topping and tailing machine specially designed for shallots. In the peeling machine the skin can be removed with or without the use of knives. A special blowing system removes the loose skins from the shallots. The line is controlled by a PLC and is easy to clean.

Complete solutions for onion processing involve:

Product Handling – Grading – Topping & Tailing - Peeling - Manual - Inspection - Optical Sorting – Accurate Onion Ring Slicing - Dicing – Random Slicing – Centrifugal Drying - Air Cooling – Metal Detection – Weighing & Packing

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Finis Foodprocessing Equipment B.V.

Finis Foodprocessing Equipment B.V.



Is situated in the Netherlands, a country which has set the quality standards of fresh agricultural products. Since our founding in 1924 we have developed and produced machinery to meet and extend those standards. In partnership with many leading food processors all over the world, we became experienced in a variety of food technologies. Within each innovation we combine outstanding food processing quality with cost effective technological solutions.

Survey of Finis delivery-program:

Complete processing lines for onions, potatoes, carrots, red beets, peppers, garlic etc.; Halving and quartering machines for potatoes; Profiling machines for potatoes and carrots;  Vegetable cutting, washing and packing machines;  Detection, sorting and inspection equipment; Special elevators and transporting systems; Complete Projects.
Using the computer aided design, we are able to design rather easily and fast complete projects, related to your specific needs. With capacities varying from a couple of hundred kilogram’s to more than hundred tons a day.

Naturally Finis will take care, under direct management, of the complete planning, execution, installation and commissioning. Including training of your staff.

Finis offers a special training program to prepare and instruct future operators of the Finis onion peeler. Finis’ project management staff is highly skilled to work with the customer to find the best solution for your existing or new building. Partnership 

FINIS is a professional organisation with sales, engineering, assembly and service departments. We are committed to provide our customers with outstanding equipment to support them creating added value in food processing. A worldwide network of agents contributes to this same philosophy: partners in food processing to improve your performance.

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