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Bio Convergence center 2, 201-1, 102 Jejudaehak-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Korea, Republik


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Telefon: +82 647580968
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OZONAID’s freshness technology for farm produce can be applied to a container with a built-in refrigeration unit and to be grafted on the IoT technology for the enhancement of freshness of exported and imported produce. A portable-sized micro-plasma gaseous ozone generator creates gaseous ozone by using batteries under refrigeration and high humidity, which in turn decomposes the ethylene inside a refrigerating container. The generator in combination with the temperature-controlling technology of a refrigerating container makes it possible to transport even more fresh produce.
At the same time, a smart monitoring system for the storage environment monitors the temperature, humidity, CO2 and gaseous ozone concentration inside a container in a real-time basis to keep the produce fresh. When an abnormal condition is detected, it sends a text message via mobile phone to help address the issue and manage the quality.
According to an experiment, the fresh distribution technology has extended the storage time for kiwis to double and reduced the spoilage rate by 40% or more. The result also shows that sweet pumpkins have been kept fine for five months, decreasing the spoilage rate by 50%.OZONAID as a company that researches and develops gaseous ozone-based freshness technologies will continue to conduct relevant R&D and work hard to satisfy customers in storing, distributing and exporting farm produce.