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558-9, Xindan road, Qingpu district


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +86 2164053510
Fax: +86 21 5788 7071

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Since 2003
Dream feeds creativity and creativity actualize a dream. New ideas have come true and make our dreams come true.
PARUS knew the world trend, focused on the environment and energy saving and conducted the research & development, based on LED & solar systems in 2003. Starting with super-energy-saving electrode less lamps, PARUS produced LED Lighting & LED Light box and products were exported to more than 27 countries. With its advanced technology, PARUS is supplied to Changyi International Airport, which was selected as the best airport in the world in 2007. So, the company's technology is accepted advertisement and lighting system in Beijing China, before the Olympic Games in 2008.
PARUS developed and produced 1st generation LED Grow Lights in 2008. With this momentum, PARUS upgraded to 3rd generation Grow Lights in 2013.
Based on the accumulated technology and know-how, PARUS is now producing the 4th generation LED plant culture system as a leading company in the world market. As a result of long and continuous study, PARUS has obtained lots of patents on LED Grow Lights and related products. For over 15 years, PARUS has set up the worldwide sales network - PARUS-EUROPE, PARUS-NORTH AMERICA, PARUS-RUSSIA, PARUS-MIDDLE EAST, PARUS-AFRICA etc.
PARUS wants to be the leader in the field of plant grow lights, and wants to continue to pursue higher development for Environment Friendly Energy Saving Future.