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Paving the way from Chile’s IV Region to the international markets

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In Chile’s northern region with excellent conditions for production of grapes, citrus and avocados LCL has been offering growers a full logistics service starting ‘ex packing’ in order to assist them to reach the markets in the United States or Europe. Some of the growers have an interest in marketing a portion of their production as exporters in their own name as a complement to their traditional sales to important export agents. This could be fulfilled in the export season 2007 with LCL taking care of all the necessary documentation and transport requirements.

Starting from the export season 2007-2008 LCL is able to further amplify the service package offered to the growers in the IV region. A cold store with pre-cooling capacity, strategically located in the production area, has now been built by LCL whereby the quality of the cold chain is considerably enhanced

The location adjacent to the production area enables pre-cooling of the fruit immediately upon harvesting and this facility adds valuable time to the supply chain allowing the fruit to be presented in excellent conditions on the shelves in far away consumer markets.

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At LCL we're a Global Provider of Highly Effective, Fully Integrated Logistics and Transport Solutions for Perishables.
Proudly commited to providing our clients with the best, most comprehensive logistics and transport service, we offer
local know-how, global coverage and a complete focus on safeguarding your products. This guarantees that we deliver the freshest goods with the smoothes service and best price - over land sea or air.

Global Offices: Chile, Southern Africa , Netherlands , Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, USA, Colombia

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