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Convenience Route
Convenience Route


Z.I. de la Sablonnière
14980 Rots


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Telefon: +33 2 31264393
Fax: +33 2 31266980

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PLASTICAEN, export section of Saint-André Plastique, brings you a great deal of know-how in the extrusion, pre-press, printing, perforation and bag manufacturing...
Thanks to their several researches in flexible packaging, Plasticaen and Saint-André Plastique are able to design and develop new products to customer’s needs, especially with extended shelf life packaging for fresh fruits and vegetables and steam cooking and microwavable films and bags.
Our strength in flexible packaging follows the market demand. By this know-how, we can help you to find a reply to your technical requirements on films, material, printing, perforation, bags...

Today, Plasticaen is fully involved in the “circular economy” with manufacturing actions, and marketing actions as Eco-conception (down gauge packaging, define properties, evaluate the end of life of products, …).

Our products are the following:
  • New printing solutions to maximize your packaging (Paper touch and mat & glossy effect)
  • Sap’Fresh concept: extended shelf life packaging for fruits and fresh vegetables (stand up pouches, bags, transit bags, films)
  • Films and bags for steam cooking.
Recyclable and Biodegradable packaging
  • Bio-Sourced Material
  • Bio-Based material
  • Bio-degradable (compostable, home compostable)
  • Frozen packaging for fruits and vegetables