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Lima-Miraflores Av. Alfredo Benavides 120 Dpto 402


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +51 998384497

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Pomica was established in the region of Ica, Peru in 2,007. We are growers, packers and exporters of wonderful variety pomegranates. Our company is fully dedicated to the pomegranate business and we are a quality oriented company.

At Pomica, we own our pomegranate orchards / fields and also have long term contracted agreements with growers where we manage all aspects of their production. Pomica manages 250 hectares of pomegranates and support our growers activities to increase yields, maximize production and ensure all levels of control are achieved today. During this year, we have planted pomegranates with the intention this production will be marked as organic pomegranates in the future.

At Pomica, we are full integrated and have our own packing and cool storage installations to ensure fruit processing, storage and shipments are fully approved following the quality standard regulations.

All our pomegranate orchards have all required certifications such as Global Gap and GRASP certifications. Our storage and packing installations fullfill BRC standards. At Pomica, we promote and respect the international code of labor practice as well as promote and respect the international code of labour practice as well as promote and improve social and environmental standards. Our pomegranate orchards and packing house performed base on FAIR TRADE and ETI/SMETA policy certifications. Due to our company dedicated approach to quality and certifications, we have been able to succesfully supply programmes to many major supermarket chains within Europe.

Pomica exports pomegranates to Canada, Europe, Russia and has an international network of marketing and distribution. This year, we are initiating our venture to other highly competitive markets like the Far East and the Middle East