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Port of Algeciras Bay Puerto Bahia de Algeciras


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Avda. Hispanidad, 2
11207 Algeciras, Cadiz


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 956585400

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The Port of Algeciras Bay is the leader of the Spanish Port System. It is located on an unbeatable geostrategic point at the crossroads of the world's main shipping routes in terms of cargo transportation. The Port of Algeciras Bay is not only a well-established West Mediterranean hub for container transshipment, but it is also a natural gateway for Southern Europe especially for those refrigerated goods coming from South America.

Our traffic evolution over the last few years has allowed us to become one of the main Mediterranean ports both in total throughput and container handling. In 2016, the Port of Algeciras Bay made history by breaking through the record 103- million tons total throughput figure, as well as handling 4.7-million TEUs. In 2019, the total throughput reached a new record of 110 million tons and over 5 million TEU´s were handled.

The Port of Algeciras Bay has proved itself as a reference in the traffic of containers at a worldwide level, adapting to the new technologies implemented in this sector with the main purpose of providing its clients with the highest quality and competitiveness standards.

The Port facilities host two modern container terminals, APM Terminals Algeciras, and the semi-automated terminal TTI Algeciras. Both terminals are equipped with the indispensable technical requirements in order to assist the most modern portainers and are fitted with a nearly 5,000 reefer plugs for containers.

The port has a first class Frontier Inspection Point with a total number of 30 quays and an unbeatable timetable covering from 8:00 to 22:00 Mondays to Saturdays and from 10:00 to 14:00 on Sundays, besides 24 hours availability on request of clients and physical inspections around the clock, 365 days a year.

Reefer services: many companies currently provide full cold logistics services at the Port of Algeciras Bay. Offering a wide range of alternatives for refrigerated and/or frozen good, these facilities cover load, storage, cargo consolidation and distribution to customer centers as well as custom office paperwork or quality controls, providing an extra value throughout the import and export process. The current cold storage capacity in the port and surrounding area exceeds 27,000 pallets.

Another strategic traffic in the Port of Algeciras Bay is the ro-ro traffic, mainly related to reefer cargo coming from the north of Africa. A new ro-ro terminal has just been opened to render service to the year-by-year increasing truck traffic. Last year more than 370,000 trucks crossed the port facilities.

Another main port related project is the Logistic Area being developed to meet the needs of the port and of the Bay´s industrial complex (the second-biggest in Spain) where a Free Zone has already been established.

All these services along with the increase in the number of container lines calling the port and the 750 meter long port rail terminal (the Port of Algeciras is the Southern primary hub on both the Mediterranean and Atlantic Core Networks of the Trans-European Transport Network/TEN-T) are helping to push up the import and export traffic.