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Avda. Real Sociedad Colombina Onubense, 1
21001 Huelva


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 959 493100
Fax: +34 959 493101

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The Port of Huelva offers numerous advantages for reefer freight traffic

Located on the South Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula and centred between the logistical centres of the Strait of Gibraltar and those of Sines (Portugal), the Port of Huelva is currently an agile, modern and efficient port equipped with the most advanced facilities and services in port logistics.

The Port of Huelva offers numerous advantages and opportunities for reefer freight traffic, as well as an excellent intermodal connectivity and an innovative cool generation system for refrigerated warehouses, that is been developed together with the company Enagás and which entails a 50% saving in energy costs, as well as a 90% reduction in the carbon footprint. This project aims to culminate with the creation of the sustainable cooling logistic hub in the Port of Huelva.

This system for the storage and refrigeration of goods, imported from Japan, benefits from the cold generated during the regasification process of liquefied natural gas that takes place in the Enagás plant in Huelva and conducts it through a pipeline or "frioducto" to the refrigeration facilities located in the cooling logistic hub.

The dynamism of the Port of Huelva has made possible the consolidation of the regular lines operated by the shipping company FRS (previously Naviera Armas), and Containerships (previously OPDR/MacAndrews) that which operate in Huelva from 2011 and 2013 respectively, and which are currently maintained as a link between Huelva and the Canary Islands, the first, and Morocco and Northern Europe, the second.

With regard to the maritime connections between Huelva and the Canary Islands, it should be added that after FRS, this traffic has been greatly reinforced with the entry into the scene of Alisios Shipping (2017) with a weekly container line, and the joint venture Balearia and Fred Olsen (2018), with three weekly ro-ro and ro-pax services, making the Port of Huelva the port of Spain with more connections with the Canary Islands.

On the other hand, we are enthusiastic about the possibility of achieving a considerable increase in our international connectivity, due to the perspectives offered by the interest of some of the most outstanding transoceanic shipping companies in operating through the Port of Huelva.

In addition, the fact that the railway terminal is annexed to the container terminal, managed by Yilport Huelva, allows its current yard of 50,000 square meters, enabling the transit of goods directly and without a solution of continuity from one terminal to another. The Yilport container terminal has 120 electrical connections for reefer containers in order to preserve and maintain the cold chain at all times in the intermodal service offered by the Port of Huelva.

These terminals form part of the South Quay, with 750 meters of berthing line, and are currently in the process of being extended by a further 550 meters, and 13 meters of draught, the dredging project of which is underway at 15 metres. This terminal has a large paved area for the deposit of containerized and rolled goods. It also has all the PIF services inside and is directly connected to Seville-Madrid by motorway and railway.


Manuel Vega

Commercial Manager
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