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Zahran Street Bldg No. 14 floor 9
Amman Box 781 11118


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +962 64601560
Fax: +962 6 4601561

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Progressive Agricultural Investment Co. (PAI) started in 1998 when Mr. Samir Kawar decided to unite the family farms in The Jordan Valley to begin with this project, being the first of its kind in the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan. The objective was to produce a Jordanian agricultural product that could compete in the international market in terms of quality, packaging and price. PAI is specialized in growing “Medjool” dates, the large sweet and tender date known as the “Fruit of Kings” and “Barhi” dates, the yellow, crunchy, oval shaped and very sweet date known as “Honey Balls” 

This endeavor started in 1985 when 600 Medjool off-shoots where flown in from Palm Springs, California. The first Medjool Palm tree was grown East of the Jordan River. Although at that time the future of the business aspect was uncertain, the actual virtues of the fruit quickly became clear.

In 1998 PAI’s expansion program began with planting additional 3,000 Medjool off-shoots and since then, exponential expansion was maintained through replanting the off-shoots from the same palm trees. PAI diversi ed its production through expanding its production to “Barhi Dates” as well.Today PAI Farms are over 1,200 Donum’s (Approximately 300 acres) in size, with a total of more than 12,000Medjool and 2,200 Barhi Palm trees.

Since the mid ‘80s, PAI farms have gained the ultimate experience and technical expertise towards improving its programs and methods to produce the perfect date. At PAI, the competitive advantage is clear in its implementation of “care for each individual date” policy. This policy is applied through maintaining manual pollination, and the careful selection of fertilizers and pesticides to be used. PAI is also very keen on “manual thinning” to control the size and improve the quality of each date.

The demand for Medjool dates by far exceeds its global supply, since the climate required for its success is only available at few locations around the globe, with the Jordan Valley being an optimal one.