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Ctra. Don Benito-Miajadas, Km 16,5
06400 Don Benito


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 941 272777
Fax: +34 941 272780

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Provedo supply New Stone Fruit Varieties from its Breeding Program. Also Provedo, with its branch "Extreme Orchards" supply best flavour fruits for fresh market in Europe.

Flavour – a major aim: Our new varieties arrive to the consumer with an excellent flavour, very sweet, as if they have been freshly harvested with a pleasing sugar-acid ratio. New textures and types of flesh with long-life storage: New crisp, juicy kinds of flesh which expand a large amount of juice when you eat them, fine textured with a good storage live and a pos-harvest long life. Natural Growing Methods: we do the work of the insects but on a massive and controlled scale and use modern techniques for accelerating the natural selection.

Brand "extreme®": it identifies very sweet flavour, juicy and aromatic fruit, with intense flavour. Their flesh has good hardness and resistant to the oxidation.
Brand "fresh®": it identifies fruit and aromatic flavour, juicy, fresh and sweet, with a pleasant sweet-sharp sensation in mouth.

Provedo, S.A, which was established in Logroño (Spain) in 1926, was the first company in the production and commercialization of fruit trees and vine plants in Spain. Because of the big demand of their products in the national and international market and in order to increase their production, they decided to create a branch in Don Benito ( Extremadura) in 1970. Since then, this branch has been specialized in the production of fruit trees and is one of the most well-known nursery in Spain.

Nowadays the company has reached a top position in the national fruit market for the big demand and quality of their products and is one of the most advanced R&D centers for obtaining new stone fruit varieties. At the moment Provedo has forty six available new varieties of peaches, nectarines flat peaches and cling peaches, which are producing excellent results.

As a breeder Provedo has created a fruit with a sweet flavour and long shelf-life, soft kin, crispy flesh that is not at all jelly-like, convenient packaging and year-round availability.

The significance and scale of this project has already attracted foreign companies interested in representing these new varieties. The company has visits every day and contacts with companies from South Africa, Chile, Italy, France, Morocco, Tunis, Egypt and Turkey.