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Planesa, S.A has been a Guatemalan Grower and Exporter of fruits and vegetables for the last ten years.

Currently Planesa is exporting to the United States and Europe, more than 60% of Guatemala total berry production. Our success is due to the careful growing, harvesting, packaging and efficient shipping of our products given by ourselves and our selective group of growers with whom we maintain close contact to assure the freshest and highest quality products in the market through good manufacturing and agricultural practices.

Our success has been awarded by Guatemala exporters Association who has recognized Planesa's hard work by nominating us several times as Best Exporter of the Year, winning this award in 2001.


Our 50-acre plantation is located 45 minutes away from Guatemala City
airport, in San Andres Itzapa, Chimaltenango.

We have grown to include other farms owned by the best growers in the
surroundings of Chimaltenango.

The weather and altitude of this zone allows our products to reach the
highest standards of quality and freshness.


In 1997, PLANESA implemented the HACCP program to eliminate risks in food safety and health to the consumers of our products. The Guatemalan Berry Commission (GBC) developed the Model Plan of Excellence (MPE) in a joint
effort with U.S Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) and the Agricultural and Environmental Integral Protection Program (PIPPA).

The MPE is based on the best science available regarding microbial, physical and chemical contamination risk management. Such plan was also accepted by the Canadian Food inspection Agency (CFIA).

The MPE includes the implementation of GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) in farm/packing houses and exporter warehouse/plants, as well as a HACCP-based monitoring system for picking,
classifying, packing and transporting of the fruit. This thorough monitoring is enhanced by a visual inspection of the sanitary conditions surrounding the production of the fruit, as well as an evaluation of the exporter's warehouse and plant records. PIPPA is in charge of carrying out these inspections.



Our production starts in August and ends in June of the following year.

We have four different varieties:

Brazos - August through March of the following year

Kiowa - August through March of the following year

Wild- November through June of the following year

Organic - November through June of the following year


We export certified organic blackberries by Mayacert -in Guatemala- and BCS Oko-Garantie - from Germany. These blackberries have shown a longer shelf life than others.

They are handled and packed in the same way as our conventional berries.



Our production is divided in two seasons:

February through May

August through November

We produce Summit variety which characterizes for its consistency and sweet flavor.



Snow peas and sugar snaps are grown and harvested year round.


As the leading exporting firm of berries in Guatemala, we are the only farm of berries in Guatemala that has implemented the use of Tunnels and Greenhouses. This enables us to produce blackberries and raspberries year

We have experimented with different varieties of blackberries. We have learned that the Kiowa variety adapts perfectly to the area. This variety produces fruit with a sweeter taste and more consistence than others. We have signed an agreement with the University of Arkansas, giving us authorization to develop this variety.

The nursery of our farm is experimenting with new varieties. At the present, we are planting under greenhouse the following varieties:

- Chickasaw
- Choutaw
- Apache
- Arapaho
- Navaho

All of these varieties were obtained through the agreement signed with the University of Arkansas.

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