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Convenience Route
Convenience Route


Akkerseweg 13-B
5321 HG Hedel


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +31 73 5999108

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Quik’s Quality Potatoes delivers top-quality potatoes for eighty years. The family business consists of several divisions, including Quik’s Fresh Potatoes and Quik’s Potato Products. Quik’s Fresh Potatoes takes care of the selection, washing and packaging of fresh potatoes. Quik’s Potato Products processes potatoes into freshly chilled convenience potato products. Together they are part of your total potato supplier: Quik’s Quality Potatoes since 1932.

Thanks to its extensive supplier network, Quik’s Fresh Potatoes always has high-quality potatoes available. At Quik’s, the potatoes are selected, washed and packaged according to the wishes of our customers in retail foodservice and business to business at home and abroad. Firm or floury? All-round or culinary? At Quik’s Fresh Potatoes you choose from a wide range of potato varieties. Whether it concerns traditional favourites like Nicola or Melody or trendy ‘culinary’ varieties like Franceline and Vitelotte, Quik’s Fresh Potatoes places them on your customers’ table!

Quik’s Potato Products offers customers in retail, foodservice and food industry a wide range of convenience potato products and specialities that all have (much!) more taste and are suitable for cooking, frying, baking or mashing. Traditional fries with a crispy bite? Potato mash on the table in no time at all? No matter what you choose; our potatoes are grown and processed with a deep respect for nature. The taste of our products benefits from this. Thus we always give preference to natural ingredients and we do not add any unnecessary salt, preservatives, flavourings, colorants or other additives. And frying? We do that with sunflower oil. Our basic ingredients are purely natural. And we are very serious about that natural character.

Choosing Quik’s means always choosing high quality. We deal with specially selected growers so we know exactly who, how and where the products were cultivated. Besides, Quik’s Potato Products only works with a single potato variety all year long, so major taste and colour differences do not take place. Of course, we also work to the highest standards. Our divisions are therefore certified for GlobalGAP, SKAL, GMP+, IFS and BRC.