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Rafael Perucho

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CRDOP Kaki Ribera del Xúquer

CRDOP Kaki Ribera del Xúquer



The Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin KAKI RIBERA DEL XÚQUER.
The Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin KAKI RIBERA DEL XÚQUER” was founded in 1998, thanks to firm backing from the Community of Valencia Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. This quality seal is the only one existing in the world for a kaki (persimmon) fruit variety: “Rojo Brillante” and is recognised by the European Union as Protected Designation of Origin. The Supervisory Council has made a significant contribution to promoting the kaki from the Ribera del Xúquer, located in Valencia region in Spain and to its expansion across Europe, where it is increasingly recognised and appreciated by the consumer thanks to the advertising campaigns that have accompanied it since the outset, designed to widen distribution by introducing the “persimon” into European markets.

As certifying organisation, the Denomination of Origin is in charge of overseeing the production, quality, flavour, appearance and packaging of kaki fruit sold to the consumer in order to provide maximum guarantees, in addition to ensuring that our associates comply with all international regulations such as BRC, EUREPGAP, etc. Each finished pack bears a label with the logotype of the Supervisory Council and European Protected Designation of Origin, and a control number that ensures product traceability.

The “Rojo Brillante” variety.
In the mid-20th century a new, local variety of kaki fruit appeared in the Ribera del Xúquer, Valencia, which brought about a revolution in the cultivation and marketing of the fruit, expanding out across the entire European market: the “Rojo Brillante” variety which has experienced massive growth in its edible form called commercially “PERSIMON”, which has firm flesh similar to that of apples or peaches.

Its large size distinguishes it from other varieties around the world, generally having a diameter of over 70 mm, an oblong shape and orange colour. It is seedless, and once it has been harvested and the astringency removed by natural processes, the fruit is not subjected to any kind of post-harvest treatment.

The “persimon” is a sweet fruit with a delicious flavour and aroma, and a skin which is very sensitive to surface marking from rubbing against branches and leaves, which means that it is quite usual to find these kinds of flaws on the skin of the fruit. Its firm texture makes it easy to cut and peel or to use for culinary purposes, and the skin is also edible.

“Persimon” marketing
The harvesting period for “persimmon” is from the end of September to december – early January, always depending on the weather conditions during each season.

The basic box sizes, with a single layer of fruit laid out on pocketed foam and each with a minimum diameter of 61 mm, are given below:

20 x 30 cm cardboard box (approx. 1.8 kg), 6 fruits.
30 x 40 cm cardboard box, 10–26 fruits.
40 x 60 cm cardboard box, 25–52 fruits.
30 x 50 cm wooden crate, 15-35 fruits.

FlowPack (approx. weight 1 kilo), 10 x 1, 6–10 fruits and 6 x 1, 3–6 fruits.

Information about associates.
The Supervisory Council is made up of around 20 cooperatives and companies in the Ribera del Xúquer area, most dedicated to the production and sale of “persimon”, the largest and most representative being Anecoop Coop., Spain’s foremost horticultural producer and exporter. Other smaller, family businesses are also present, such as Frutas Teresí Alegre or Hnos. Giménez.

In addition to selling kaki fruit, all these cooperatives and companies also sell citrus fruit, stone fruit and water melon and, in the case of Anecoop, almost the entire horticultural range produced in Spain, with platforms and subsidiaries across Europe to guarantee quality product distribution.

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