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7 The Forum Minerva Business Park, Peterborough
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Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +31 6 53869221

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Who we are?

We are the Restrain Company Ltd, and we've been manufacturing unique ethylene generators since 2003 from our offices at Breda The Netherlands. Restrain generators control sprouting in post-harvest potatoes, in a more natural way than other agri-chemical methods. This is because ethylene is a natural gas that leaves no chemical residue.

Our story begins in 1999, when we set out to find a safe, effective way to prevent sprouting in potatoes. Our research lead us to conducting trials with ethylene which were so successful the Restrain company was born. Since this time the Restrain system has been used to treat more than one million tonnes of seed, table and processing potatoes in 36 countries worldwide. Restrain is the natural replacement for CIPC in potato stores.

Having proven Restrain for potato storage, we began testing our system for other crops and today Restrain is used across the world in diverse sectors including seed potatoes, onion storage and tomato, bell pepper and banana ripening.

The Challenge

Chloropropham, also named as CIPC, is the world’s most common sprouting inhibitor for potato, used by farmers since 1952. However, the European Union, based on a report about CIPC from the European Food Safety Authority, has determined to ban the use of this substance. According to this prohibition, CIPC does not use again, amid other things, like a potato sprout inhibitor. This limitation is valid for all EU member countries. So it is necessary to identify residue-free alternatives to CIPC.

Ethylene gas, the natural replacement to CIPC

Ethylene is a natural plant hormone produced in small amounts by most plants, fruits, and vegetables as they ripen. For some time now, it has been proven as an effective sprout inhibitor for potatoes tubers.
Many significant benefits emerge when potato processors and growers use ethylene as a sprout inhibitor for potatoes.

The essential outcomes when using Restrain ethylene:
  • You will control sprouts all season.
  • You will preserve fry colours.
  • You will leave no residue in the crop or the storage facility.
  • You will deliver stored potatoes to be used immediately for consumption or processing.
  • You will maximize earnings because it is 4 to 6 times cheaper than every other alternative to CIPC.
  • You will have no investement in machinery. Equipment is supplied on a lease agreement.
  • You will reach all the potatoes in storage. (capacity per system max 5000 TONS)
  • You will store potatoes safe and reliable.
Other key benefits of Restrain
  • OK in leaky stores
  • User friendly: Plug and play (240 Volt or 110 Volt)
  • Starts up in less than 5 minutes
  • No modifications needed in your cold store or greenhouse
  • Safe and reliable (over 36 countries in use)
  • Delivered in 3 days
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Customer support 24/7