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Real-time Post-harvest Quality Assurance

RipeTime has developed patented technology that measures and reports in real-time (24x7) of ethylene and volatile organic compound levels in cool stores and post-harvest operations down to the low PPB range.
This monitoring and alerting allows post-harvest operators to make meaningful decisions about daily operations such as scrubbing or venting to assure the quality of their fruit and assist with prioritizing the load-out operations.

RipeTime environmental units detect and report changes in cool store environments in real time. Our units can detect minor changes and increases in ethylene (and other volatile organic compounds) when those changes are happening which allows cool store operators to act in order to preserve fruit quality. Knowing levels of ethlyene in cool stores allows informed decision to be made about life expectancy and condition of fruit and vegetables, allowing fruit to be sent to market to arrive in optimal condition with minimal waste.

RipeTime data is accessed via an easy to use, and secure website. Customised settings and alarms can be set to notify as changes occur in the cool store environment.

The RipeTime units are provided as part of a monthly data contract providing real-time data. The units are easy to install, require standard electrical supply and access to wi-fi.