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SBU: 1 packing machine for 8 different packs

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SBU-134 is the only machine capable of packing 8 different packs, each suitable for different needs according to produce and weight range.

  • All packs are made in extruded net and printed film where the proportions of the two varies from pack to pack
  • Ideal for: lemons, mandarins, oranges, green beans, chesnuts, nuts, avocados, onions and potatoes
  • Weight range: from 250gr to 5 kg
  • Output: 25 pack/minute
  • Gentle handling of the produce
  • Registered printing
  • Autonomy of the film roll: 3.5 hours
  • Autonomy of the net roll: 7.5 hours

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Sorma S.p.A.

Sorma S.p.A.



 Sorma Group is an Italian multinational specialised in the design and the manufacture of complete lines for the handling and the packaging of fresh fruit and vegetables, such as automatic weighing and packing lines, palletisation systems, large box dumpers and fillers, etc..

The packaging division offer a wide selection of materials in woven net, extruded net and printable film.

Sorma Group represents innovation, high quality standards, and efficiency  to satisfy  specific and increasingly demanding needs of the industry.


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