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Maydan Stanishyvskyi, 7


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +380 0950019490

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SEM Eco Pack has a unique production technology of an entirely new, environmentally friendly products on the market of packaging materials. Our mission is to provide our customers around the world with high-quality and environmentally friendly packaging, thus we guarantee the price flexibility and fast adaptability to market requirements.

Our advantages
  • Product protection
The trays are designed to prevent any damage to the products, their contact with each other, as well as for safe contact of the product with packaging. The porosity and hight absorption level provide better moisture absorption and good ventilation during storage and transportation, allowing you to increase the shelf life and sales of products.
  • Efficiency
The most optimal solution in the field of packaging materials as the pricing policy outperforms plastic analogues. At the same time, the costly part of losses during rejection and damage to products is reduced.
  • Presentation
Each product has its own “seat” and thanks to such kind of packaging the product has a presentable look and retains its naturalness, freshness and shape for a long time, it can even be placed on inclined surfaces.


Tetiana Barkulova

Manager of Research & Development Department
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