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Beneden Havendijk 89
3295 XB s' Gravendeel


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Telefon: +31 78 6733648
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Storex B.V. is founded by 3 engineers who are committed together in the CA business for more than 20 years. Our partners have realized for the technology of CA/ULO storage important improvements. We would like to mention the following developments:

  • The invention, design and introduction of CO2 Scrubber with the technology for a low oxygen content based on an external lung in 1983.
  • Since then the design of various types of CO2 scrubbers based on this principle including various improvement
  • The development of high quality ULO/CA accessories (pneumatic vales, lungs, O2/CO2 measurement equipment)
  • The invention and design of the Auto-Store System, compromising a system in which a ULO computer is integrated in the switchboard of the CO2 scrubber and where the sampling and control of the O2 and CO2 levels of the individual stores is based on taking samples through the tubing system of the scrubber. This offers major advantages with respect to easy installment ( no sampling tubes) no sensitiveness for frost in the sampling tubes, reliable measurement, and cost price reduction. For automatic control of ULO/CA stores this system has become a major standard