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Roma, 60
83042 Atripalda


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 081 8312244
Fax: +39 081 0133002

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The history of Sagi began in 1949 in Ospedaletto D'Alpinolo (AV), when Antonio Saggese began his activity of processing and trasforming chestnuts in "Castagne del Prete".
In 1975, his son Angelo moved to Frattaminore, in the province of Naples, in a much larger and more equipped factory, which allowed him to considerably increase the quantity of chestnuts produced and to expand sales beyond the region of Campania borders.
In 1998, after the premature death of Angelo Saggese, his sons Antonio and Giuseppe formed the Sagi srl, which, driven by innovative ideas but respecting tradition, successfully succeeds in inserting its brand into the most important chains of GDO at a national level.
Sagi, thanks to the development and investments in new technologies, has diversified and expanded the range of its products and has launched on the market:
  • Delì (steamed soft chestnuts).
  • Stone-ground Chestnut flour.
  • Dried, soft shelled chestnuts .
  • Ciocofrutta (A delicated layer of chocolate covering he best fruits carefully selected by our company in order to create a delicious " moment of pleasure" to be enjoyed on any occasion)