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With its 900 reefer plugs, the San Cataldo Container Terminal makes the port of Taranto the ideal choice for companies involved in the growing business of fruit and vegetables traffic in the Mediterranean. With its effective railway links to the North of Italy and the Centre and North of Europe the Terminal allows rapid transfer of perishable goods.

The terminal offers high-level productivity on 1 million square meters’ land area. Easy access to the highway network. 5 active rail platforms connect the terminal directly to the national railway system where can bind the terminal up to North Europe overland. The terminal is also eligible to serve up to ULCV sized with -16.5 meters draft. The terminal will offer 160,000 square meters of CFS and Empty Container Services area, providing stuffing, stripping, inspection, M&R, PTI, sweeping, cleaning, and empty container inspection and conditioning.

Addition to the container operations, the terminal also provides service to bulk/general cargo, Ro-Ro, project cargo vessels.
The Terminal provides combined services of CFS and warehouses next to each other and inside the container terminal. 2 separate warehouses with a total of 8,000m² area offers flexibility to the terminal customers on their supply chain. Also, the logistics platform in the port area 2km away from terminal with its rail tracks offers cold storage for perishable goods.

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Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea - Port of Taranto

Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea - Port of Taranto



The Port Network Authority of the Ionian Sea is a public agency whose main task is to identify, programme, co-ordinate and control commercial and industrial activities carried out in the port area.

The Port of Taranto Taranto is one of the closest deep-sea terminal to main trade lanes through Gibraltar and the Suez canals in the centre of the Mediterranean. The port of Taranto is the ideal port of call for both gateway and transhipment cargoes to Europe and the rest of the World.

The port is endowed with areas where the integration between different modes of transport is carried out seamlessly, such as the Logistic Park, extending over a 200.000 square metres area in the port. Its 2 warehouses are the ideal solution for perishable goods logistics.

The recently renovated San Cataldo Container Terminal will resume operations soon thanks to the new concessionaire Yilport Holding. The terminal will be able to handle up to 2 million Teus.

Furthermore, the newly established Special Economic Zone provides tax levies for companies establishing their business in the port and in the areas connected to the port within the Region of Puglia and the nearby Region of Basilicata.
The SEZ features:
  • Extra tax concessions;
  • Facilitations to attract the biggest international players who are strategically important for maritime transport and handling goods in the Mediterranean ports;
  • Speeding up public and private investments;
  • Simplification of the procedures.
Last but not least, at a distance of less than 20 km, the port is directly connected to the airport of Grottaglie, mainly dedicated to cargo flights and endowed with a 3,2 km runway.

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