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Bagratunyats 70/18


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +374 10 444470
Fax: +374 10 444490

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Spayka Group is an international producer, trader and forwarder with sales and services in Russia, Europe and Gulf countries.
We are operating 105 Hectares high tech greenhouses in Armenia for production of tomatoes, cucumber and pepper and more than 500 Hectares intensive orchards for apricot, peach, grape, plum and cherry.

Annual trade volume of the company is more than 120 thousand tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran and other countries through own production and representations.
We are also producer of self-ripening cheese and cheese with mold. Unique technology of production is developed by German and Dutch experts and realized in Armenia since 2018.

Our company is supplying the products whole year according to the requirements of retail and whole sale, has quality control and packing solutions for all market demands.
The fresh products are supplied with the brand AraratFruit and proceeded products with AraratFood.


Sona Galstyan

International Sales Specialist
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