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Convenience Route
Convenience Route


Via C. Lombroso, 54
20137 Milano


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 0341 453650
Fax: +39 0341450428

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Spreafico is a vertically integrated company able to develop long term relationship with all its stakeholders adding value to the product up to the consumer.

Spreafico wants to be a reliable partner for all stakeholders of the produce business: clients, growers, employees, service providers, operating in the interest of the whole sector and guaranteeing the satisfaction of their needs.

Spreafico stands out for its fully integrated organization. The company is able to offer added value to the supply chain, from production to the final consumer. The integrated supply chain of Spreafico covers:
  • Farming: own farms in Italy and Chile togheter with contracted growers (more than 600 agricultural producers) and also producer-exporters all over the world guarantee direct relationship between production and consumer.
  • Coldhouses and Packhouses: pakching capacity for produce generating at added value.
  • Logistic and distribution centers: the distribution constitutes a fundamental connection between the production and the consumer.
Spreafico is able to control the different distribution channels, from the most innovative one to the most traditional, thanks to its own structures: these structures operate as logistic platforms and service providers.

The direct relationships with growers and its he specialization have allowed Spreafico to develop an international network and to become an ideal partner for modern costumers.