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ISS and its SunGarden®Seed Division introduce the world’s Safest Sprouting Seeds

In support of recent FDA (Food and Drug Administration) & EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) initiatives and guidance to safeguard production, conditioning, and distribution of sprouts, ISS and its SunGarden®Seed division invested in a state-of-the-art technology and processing facility that uses a proprietary,eco-friendly, organic, non-thermal purification of sprouting seedsto achieve a 5-log to 6-log reductionof pathogens. Current industry practices achieve only a 3-log reduction. This means that SunGarden’s®proven technology reduces pathogens up to 1,000,000 times, while current industry practices reduce pathogens only up to 1,000 times.

SunGarden®completed a thorough, scientific validation study led and conducted by Novolyze, a worldwide credible organization, confirming that thisorganic treatment process achieves a 5-log to 6-logreduction of pathogens.

The process and the results of the validation study were presented to the FDA and are available for review to all interested parties and sprout growers.

SunGarden®Seed purification provides the safest seeds, while at the same timemaintains germination and keeps the seed in its raw, natural state with no harmful residue.

The process begins when the seed arrives to the facility. Each bag is sampled and tested for pathogens and fitness-for-use. Any seed with undesirable results is rejected and removed from the food supply.

After seed is approved, SunGarden®proceeds with its proprietary purification process and the seed is then tested again for pathogens. The final step includes creation of detailed documents, such asCertificate of Analysis and Certificate of Conformance, to guaranteethe highest food quality standards while meeting or exceeding FDA guidelines.

SunGarden®Seed is packaged in bags specifically designed to safeguard the qualityof the seed. These multi-walled bags provide a food-grade contact surface and a non-permeable shell, so seed arrives tosprouting facilities unadulterated and ready to sprout.

If you are interested in learning more about our seed purification process please visit us in Berlin, Germany at Fruit Logistica February 5th, 6th, & 7thin hall 9 stand C-20. For additional information please contact Silas Stoddart, Marketing Director, at Silas.Stoddart@Sproutnet.comor 931.526.1106, ext. 126.