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Tungsram Group has created its Agritech division with the aim to offer world-class quality LED and smart-solutions for growers and farmers to use in precision indoor farming.
As an innovative company, we are convinced that the key to success can be found with the application of new technologies and those of the future. Tungsram Group possesses a century of knowledge in the field of lighting techniques, specifically in greenhouse lighting. Vertical farms is one of the dynamically developing global markets where we can apply our expertise.
Applying LED-technology within the area of indoor farming enables us to provide very specific wave lengths to the plants. This enables the optimal conditions for growth and nutrient accumulation during the plants life time.
Tungsram foresees a future in which the production of vegetables, fruits, herbs and plants for medical and cosmetic applications can be grown independently of the season and geographic location, all within a close proximity to people, even in offices, private homes and food stores.