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The products that travel with us, the customers we serve

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As you very well know, perishables are loosely defined as products that are time and temperature sensitive. They include fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen meat and fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, flowers and plants, and even cosmetics.

DSV transports perishables for a wide range of customers, from large- and medium-sized companies that work across borders in global and regional markets to small local businesses. Customers include well-known retailers, export and import traders, producers, florists, food chains and restaurants. DSV also moves military food supplies on behalf of many armed services. Globally, fish is the top commodity moved by air, closely followed by fruits, flowers and vegetables.

Perishables ocean freight is dominated by fruits. Vegetables come far behind but are still the second most important commodity. On the one hand, more fruits than vegetables are consumed, on the other hand, fruits in general are hardier than vegetables and can therefore withstand longer ocean journeys which typically last 26 to 32 days from South America to Europe. However, the development of controlled atmosphere packaging, coupled with new hardier varieties has enabled more products to be moved by sea.

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DSV Panalpina A/S

DSV Panalpina A/S



Success in the perishables industry depends on a logistics provider that can ensure perishables are safely and efficiently steered through the cool chain on the way to their final destination.

At DSV, we know exactly how much love growers put into the cultivation and production of fruits, vegetables and flowers. We also know how difficult it is for wholesalers and retailers to procure fresh products from all over the world punctually to the consumer in peak condition. Our main concern is providing a tailor-made quality service for products we care about.

The DSV Perishables Network provides an unrivaled travel experience for perishables, and this experience begins long before the actual journey – for example here in Berlin.

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