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72500 LUCEAU


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +33 2 43381010
Fax: +33 2 43440901

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We belong to Vinci Energies Group.
We have worked to foreign since 1993 (Tunisia, Algeria, Spain, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Libya…)

Specialist in the fruits & vegetables storage, THERMO REFRIGERATION brings all its competences for Cold and Controlled Atmosphere equipments.

Our knowledge in specific conditions of storage for each product, leads us to install various equipments:
  • in positive or negative cold (ammonia - HFC - Water Glycol)
  • in Controlled Atmosphere
  • in control of hygrometry (dehumidification and humidification)
for applications such as: cold rooms of storage - quays - tunnels of cooling - process, while respecting the constraints of security, comfort, hygiene and environment as well as integrating your needs for traceability and energy saving.

THERMO REFRIGERATION provides, installs and maintains all standard Controlled Atmosphere and Ultra Low Oxygen equipments : nitrogen generator, CO² scrubbers, ethylene photo-catalyst, gas analyzer (O ² - CO ² - C2H4), balloon of pressure compensation, safety valve, etc.

The company offers an unique system of centralized management to control all the parameters of conservation Refrigeration & Controlled Atmosphere (temperature, hygrometry, ventilation, running time, CO ², O ², Ethylene…).

These automatic regulations associated with a PC allow you not only a complete traceability of settings throughout the season but also management transmission of alarms and a remote connection.

Since its creation in 1981, THERMO REFRIGERATION has known a regular and mastered evolution.
Our teams have been expanded, our know-how improved, our service intensified and our experience strengthened.
All these skills apply to the study, design, realization and maintenance of your installations in France and abroad.