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20 Marinou Antypa St.
17455 Athens


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 210 9875 042
Fax: +30 210 9875 040

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Thrace Group has been converting polypropylene to performance materials for over 35 years. Having established a global presence through strategic growth, the Group nowadays operates 14 plants in 10 countries, with a workforce of over 1.700 professionals, serving 1500 customers in 80 countries.

Thrace NG is a leading technical fabrics’ manufacturer of Agri & horticulture products, Geosynthetics, Construction materials, and other specialised fabrics for a variety of industries, showcasing a strong exports’ activity in all five continents. It caters for the agri-horticulture sector with premium quality woven and non-woven fabrics designed to protect plantations and increase crop cycles per season: chemical-free Groundcover and Mulching Fabrics for effective weed control, Cropcover, Weather Protection and Heavy Duty Frost Protection Fabrics shielding from harsh weather conditions, a wide range of Nets that protect from wind, hail, birds, insects and solar radiation, Greenhouse Twines for tying and hanging plants and Foliage Removal Fabrics for automated foliage removal in greenhouses. All Thrace NG agri-horticulture products come in a variety of colours and standard sizes, are available in special sizes upon demand and adopt the Thrace Dynamic UV Protection System for guaranteed UV resistance. Some products are also available in the form of mini rolls for the DIY market, under the brand Terrahome, and they can additionally be offered for private label.
Introducing this year our new Flame Retardant Groundcover, an innovative product for safer greenhouses specially designed to integrate both regular groundcovers’ main features and new special properties, to effectively prevent the spread of fire. It is self-extinguishing, highly UV-stable and has the ability to inhibit and delay ignition. It works as a safer, sustainable replacement to the regular groundcover and can be used at greenhouses, gardens, nurseries, landscaped areas etc., to minimize the risk of your yield being compromised by a potential fire.

What makes us different: Following the Thrace Group mission statement “tο be the most valuable partner for our customers”, both Thrace NG and Thrace Pack are committed to offering top-quality, value-for-money products of guaranteed performance, designed to satisfy special customer needs. Focusing on customization and personalized service, we work in close collaboration with our customers to develop new ideas and solutions that help them stand out in their markets.


George Papagiannis

Sales & Marketing Manager
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