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Lisandro de la Torre 100
8324 Cipolletti (Rio Negro)


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +54 299 4772183
Fax: +54 299 4771573

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TRES ASES S.A. is an integrated company which head office, packing plants and orchards are located in the northeast of Patagonia region, Argentina. Pears, apples and plums are grown in the 1.000 has. in full production under our management. Three packing plants associated to cold storage rooms (capacity of 1.1 million boxes) of our property complete the main facilities. All of them are strategically located in the main production areas of the upper valley of Rio Negro province. We yearly process around 50.000 ton of fresh fruits in total. 70% of our offer comes from our own orchards. Independent growers supply the balance. Both sources are directly supervised by our own technicians in a successful drive to maintain strict quality standards.
Our ensign brand "TRES ASES" enjoys widespread penetration and a high degree of prestige in the fresh fruits markets worldwide. Our "know how", accumulated during more than 50 years of trusted performance as a GROWER-PACKER-SHIPPER company, has been the key of our permanence, evolution and development.