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Postfach: 22
2675 ZG Honselersdijk


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +31 174 636111
Fax: +31 174 620554

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Van der Windt, 'packaging solutions and services'
The Van der Windt Group develops, produces and supplies plastic and cardboard packaging materials and disposables.

Established in 1969 in the heart of the Dutch ‘Westland’ growing region as a supplier to the Dutch horticulture sector, Van der Windt has become a leading international distributor of all types of packaging. Ranging from packaging for the agricultural and horticultural sectors, the food and non-food industry, and the retail and services sectors such as hospitality, food services, cleaning and healthcare.

Van der Windt is part of the PACOMBI GROUP. which comprises: in the Netherlands Van der Windt Verpakking BV (Honselersdijk), PACOMBI HORTI (before Olsthoorn Verpakkingen and Van der Gugten Rijnsburg (Rijnsburg, Aalsmeer, Honselersdijk), Paardekooper Verpakkingen B.V. (Oud-Beijerland), Depa Disposables B.V. (Beuningen), The LCA Centre (Beuningen) and and outside the Netherlands: Van der Windt Packaging (Belgium), Van der Windt Packaging Ltd. (U.K.), Van der Windt Packaging Ltd. (Ireland) and Pacombi Group Asia (Wuxi, China).

Van der Windt supplies over 15,000 different items. In addition to the packaging products produced in our own group, we also supply products of other, leading packaging manufacturers that maintain the same high quality and service standards as Van der Windt. Because of our worldwide network of suppliers and our many years of experience in packaging we are able to find the very best packaging solution for our customers. Our customers and their specific wishes are the focal point.

Van der Windt wants to be more than just a supplier of packaging materials; for us the priorities are the customer, service and quality. Our employees are knowledgeable and will find a suitable solution for each packaging requirement. We develop new or improved packaging materials and invest in innovative and value-added packaging solutions. Our in-house studio designs customised prints that add value to the packaged product.

Van der Windt is also a certified supplier of biodegradable packaging and/or packaging that has been produced from renewable raw materials. To be able to provide good service and a speedy delivery we keep a wide range of packaging materials and disposables on stock. We supply customers nationally and abroad quickly and with a high level of flexibility.